About Kristen…

My name is Kristen, but my friends call me Kristen. I am cherished by the people who matter most to me, dearly beloved by God, and I make an effort (I cannot stress the word effort enough) to intentionally extend love to anyone God places in my path. As I type that last bit, I cringe a little inside recalling the years when that was untrue. Loving people is seriously hard work. Restored.

I value beauty, creativity, connection, coffee, fun, initiative, truth-telling, follow-through, family, and meaningful communication. I can have an entire text conversation in emoji! I still send hand-written notes and I cuss a little (a lot?). Laughing is my favorite pastime and Chris is my favorite human. I adore my boys – I have three! I bear the image of God. Even still, my left eye does not open as wide as my right eye, my hair gets frizzy, my teeth don’t close all the way in front, and I have some rough edges God is still smoothing out. I am learning to love it all. Redeemed.

I am an 8w7 and GIFs are my love language (just ask my friends)! I find joy in assigning words to the life happening around me. I still struggle with an array of insecurities, but I find God shows up when I continue to show up…even when I experience an unsanctified flare-up. Those happen less than they used to (hello, progress—my new friend)! I am a better woman, friend, leader, student, colleague, person because of the strong, creative, and brave women and men who have gone before me. Even now, they continue to influence, inspire, and wrangle me. God has given me words and I have started to call myself a writer. It’s a beautiful thing. Renewed.

2 thoughts on “About Kristen…

  1. I enjoyed having you in my class at William Jessup. . I wish you all the best in your career, family life and Christian walk. Blessings on your day!!

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