Reconnect. Hope*Writer Writing Challenge Day 6

So—I used to enjoy baking fun gluten free treats often. I haven’t done it as much in recent years (except gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies because—duh). Anyway, I must’ve gotten bitten by the COVID-19 “do-something-bug” because I wanted to reconnect with my baking roots. Like—today.

So—I decided to make a gluten free almond cherry bundt cake. Now, my friend Cheryl made the LEGIT Mary Berry Cherry Cake from my debut Netflix binge show: The Great British Baking Show. I wasn’t going for that level of boss baker. I just wanted to make a gluten free almond cherry bundt cake and use the cherries I picked up today from a local family farm. I spent about 30+ minutes looking for a good recipe online and I found two! I decided on the first one.

So—I got started. I got out the ingredients for the first recipe. Then I sent Chris to the store because I needed milk and almond flour (which is an important detail). When he got home, I got in the kitchen and got started. It felt so good to reconnect with baking.

So—I followed the second recipe to a tee (another very important detail). I had set out all of the ingredients for the first recipe out earlier and it was easy to get going once he brought home the almond flour and milk, which was essential for the second recipe. The batter looks good, I add the cherries, I prepared the pan, spooned in the dough, and put it in the oven. About an hour later, my house began to fill with the delicious aroma of almond pastry. I took the cake out, let it cool, removed it from the pan, and that’s when I realized I screwed up.

So—I had found two recipes and mentally decided on the first one, but began following the second one. I put double the butter in the batter. Now, double butter sounds GREAT on anything else. Not in a bundt cake recipe. The entire top was a gooey, buttery mess caked to the bottom of the pan. As I transferred the cooled cake to my cake plate, it began cracking. I fully regretted reconnecting with baking. It’s stupid.

But it’s not really, is it. Baking isn’t stupid. It’s fun! I just hadn’t done it in a while (except gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookies because—duh). I didn’t anticipate returning to novice status, but there I was and you know what? It’s ok. Reconnecting implies that at one point, I disconnected. It’s likely going to take time to get back up to snuff, but that’s okay too because being a novice is okay and also—we have TIIIMMMEEEE people! Honestly, I may not even stick with it that long, but it was fun to reconnect and have a good long laugh. (I will be circling back to this concept of reconnecting as it relates to our faith at a later date.)

And we ate the buttery, crumbly, gluten free almond cherry bundt cake. And it was delicious. Because double butter—duh! #hopewriterlife #writingchallenge #reconnect

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