Restore. Hope*Writer Writing Challenge Day 4

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There are several activities I’ve adopted in my weekly routine that restore my soul. Some of those are reading the same passage of scripture over and over, sitting in complete quiet and meditating on the person of God, writing a note to a friend, laughing hysterically with my husband, and taking a nap.

Now, more than ever, taking an afternoon nap has become essential to both my physical and emotional well being. I truthfully consider it a spiritual discipline in my life right now. Not only does catching some zzz’s allow my body physical rest, but it allows my mind to rest. It is an act of complete trust that everything will still be okay when I wake up (barring the very real possibility that I will wake up to the sound of a dog on the verge of puking on the carpet).

Today, I am reminded that Jesus slept during a storm. In the gospel account (Matthew 8:23-27), we read that the disciples followed Jesus into a boat after a full day of ministry. In v. 24, we read “there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he (Jesus) was asleep.” Every time I read this story, I am astonished at Jesus’s willingness to fully entrust his own safety, and that of his friends to God—by taking a nap.

I know I’m talking a lot about COVID-19 and sheltering in place, but it’s simply our reality right now. Right now (at least some days) it feels like the boat of my life is being swamped by the waves of this virus and everything affected by it’s presence in the world. To ignore it and write outside of my context doesn’t truly fit my understanding of God or my place in God’s kingdom. God is on the throne. God is with me. God is in me. Evidence of the virus is all around me. And so because it’s my context, and because I know and trust God completely (most of the time), I know that it’s okay to take a nap and find rest and restoration. When I wake up, everything will still be okay (unless the dog pukes on the carpet). #restore #hopewriterlife #writingchallenge

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