Reach. Hope*Writer Writing Challenge Day 2

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Dirt sells. Scandal sells. Sex sells. Conflict sells. Why do those things sell over beauty, restoration, wholeness, and reconciliation? Truthfully, I suspect that what sells is a small indication of what our hearts seek—what my heart seeks—dirt. Maybe it’s simply that dirt is easily accessible and beauty is more difficult to come by. We have to look hard for beauty.

I don’t pretend to know this for a fact, but I do know that when given the choice, I prefer to hold onto a positive view of myself. When I read a news story or watch a video clip highlighting the failure or struggle of another, I feel a little better about myself. I’m slightly ashamed to admit it. Though Christ is in me, I still struggle with an ugly dirt preference. Over the years, I’ve learned to seek the dirt less often, but when things are tough, it’s an easy practice to resume (Proverbs 26:11). Right now—things are tough. #woof

In this strange season there is no shortage of ugliness and dirt. There are new stories popping up in our newsfeeds constantly featuring the latest political or health controversy. This state is opening, but not that state. Business are trying to strong arm governments. Peaceful protests are turning into riots. Truthfully, situations like this make me question my belief that in general, people are truly doing their best. It’s really ugly out there. #dirt

Yet, in the midst of the strife surrounding COVID-19, there is also a huge push to find and feature the good. We are looking for the helpers—in many instances, we are the helpers. We are coming together in unprecedented ways to support the struggling members of our communities: small business owners, essential workers, and those who have lost so much. Now, more than ever, beauty abounds. #beauty

Though there is an abundance of beauty, it’s still a stretch to adjust our palettes. When we have consumed dirt for so long, it can be tough to learn to prefer beauty. In fact, it’s a battle. In my own experience, it’s a battle in which only God can help me find victory. Yes, there are glimmers of God’s transforming power at work in me, but more often than not, I am faced with the reality that I prefer ugly.

In this season, I am sensing a tug—maybe an enormous pull on my heart to reach for beauty. A Holy Spirit nudge to reach beyond the ugly and hold fast to beauty. (Philippians 4:8). Reach with me? #reach #hopewriterlife #writingchallenge

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